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Ring Metal Comparison Chart

Ring Metal Comparison Chart

Posted by CAMOKIX on Sep 21st 2018

We're so excited for you! The best part of a wedding or anniversary is picking out rings. It can also be a little overwhelming with all of the metals.  When picking a ring metal for your wed … read more
Affordable Elegance Bridal Feature

Affordable Elegance Bridal Feature

Posted by Camokix on Jul 3rd 2018

Picture this: Everything around you is picturesque... with rustic and country-inspired decor that add to the southern charm of your big day. Your entourage is slowly walking down the aisle, one by one … read more

Snow Camo Rings for Men and Women

Posted by Camokix on Dec 22nd 2015

Having a hard time finding the best snow camo ring for your sweetheart? Whether it’s a wedding ring, engagement ring, anniversary ring, promise ring, or just a statement ring to show what you’re all a … read more

Weddings in Camo Feature

Posted by Camokix on Nov 5th 2015

A classic white dress isn’t for every bride. More and more ladies want to wear what they love on their big day! We don’t just mean dressing up and looking beautiful, we’re talking about something that … read more

Lady Camo Bridal Feature

Posted by Camokix on Nov 5th 2015

Getting hitched anytime soon? If you want something that makes you stand out from the rest, go for a camo-themed wedding! At Camokix, we believe in wearing what you love, even on your wedding day! Thi … read more

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