1. Why is Camokix different? 

We are trying to show you every possible camo ring or outdoor themed ring in one place since these styles are hard to find locally. There's a lot to learn about metals, inlay processes and warranties so we are also investing heavily in providing you videos, photos and top quality information you won't find anywhere else! We hope this will help make your buying decisions much easier. So stay tuned and feel free to let us know what you want to see.

2. Can I call you? 

Yes! Call toll free at (866) 747-5494. Phone support is expensive for us as a small business so you may get a voice message but you WILL be able to speak to one of our representatives. You may also fill out the form below an you'll get contacted via phone or email promptly, depending on your needs. If we are available for online chat, you can use that feature too but we wear many hats and juggle a lot as a small team so please forgive us if you aren't online when you are. We're here to help, just reach out!

3. What if I buy the wrong sized ring?

Our rings are custom style rings and most are made to order. It is very important to get your size correct when ordering titanium, black zirconium, damascsus steel, cobalt and carbon fiber products because these rings cannot be resized. We ask that any sizing issues be brought to our attention with 30 days from the date of purchase. The item should show no signs of wear and tear if being sent back for an exchange. Remake and shipping fees apply.

4. Do rings come with a warranty?

Most of our products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty which will be indicated in the paperwork that comes with the product unless the product listing states otherwise. It depends on the production process, materials and manufacturer.

5. How do I check my order status?

You can email info @ to check on your order status. Your order will say "awaiting fullfillment" while your order is being processed or camo ring is being produced. 

6. What if I have changed my mind about the purchase?

All rings are custom made to order and can only be exchanged for a different size for a small remake fee because we only sell alternative metals that are too hard to be resized. The item should show no signs of wear and tear. You can read the full Policy here and check out our Satisfaction Guarantee. Custom rings are non-refundable.

7. What will my credit card statement say?

Camokix is a part of the Kix Stores family of brands so your credit card statement will say KIX STORES. 

8. What are the King's Camo options?

King’s camo has a diverse line of camo patterns. There are 6 to be exact, and each one has it’s own significance and beauty. 

Woodland Shadow: This pattern is made to look exactly like the wooded forests in real life. The balance of light and dark is just right which makes it very effective and allows for good breakup. The details of the tree’s leaves, branches, and bark are very well defined and it creates a certain depth to it that is effective whether you are close to it or far away. It’s perfect for hunting in the woods.

Mountain Shadow: This pattern shows so much versatility especially in transitioning from light to dark conditions and terrain, like from thick forests to open plains. It shows complete breakup because of how the colors and shadows play together and the details are very realistic. It works best when you want to go from dark to light wooded areas and semi-wooded terrain.

Desert Shadow: This pattern provides clarity and depth in detail as it transitions from light to dark, highlighting the beauty of arid surroundings. The colors and shadows give it that realistic edge, like you’re in a real desert. It’s best worn for dry and open terrain.

Field Shadow: This pattern features stunning clarity and depth together with a light contrast breakup with just the right background color. It highlights the splendid colors and crops found throughout fields and open meadows from CRP to marsh land.

Snow Shadow: Kings Snow Shadow Camo is designed to match snowy terrain and winter conditions. It is very realistic because of the subtle contrast from light to dark and the splendid detail in color and shadows. The power of Snow Shadow is due to the softness of the pattern created by subtle breakup. It’s subtle breakup makes it easy on the eyes.

Pink Shadow: The highlight of King's Pink Shadow Camouflage lies in its soft color tones over light vegetation. The breakup of these colors produces a pink feminine pattern. This particular camo pattern appeals to the ladies.


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