Polished Damascus Steel Wenge Wood Inlay Ring with Rounded Edge

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Camokix Ladies: If you’re searching for a wedding band your outdoorsman would love wearing, one that represents his fondness of the outdoors, then this exquisite polished Damascus Steel 9mm domed band with rounded edges and 4mm Wenge wood inlay ring is perfect. 

Camokix Men: This wedding ring is very durable, lightweight, and it fits comfortably. The wood inlay will make you feel so close to nature and to each other and the metal gives it that unique and rugged touch. If you like to stand out from the rest of the guys, choose this one-of-a-kind ring.

Wenge Wood is a darker colored exotic and decorative wood mainly used for flooring, staircases, and even musical instruments. It’s so beautiful when it is polished since it creates a very lustrous surface. As a wood inlay, it would blend nicely with the 9mm rounded edge Damascus Steel ring. It offers a beautiful, luxurious, and natural look.

You’ll know if the wood is real by looking at the wood grain that should run from edge to edge. When you see rings that have grain patterns that circle around the ring, it is probably fake wood or paper. The wood is protected with a thin layer of resin that is durable but may be more likely to scratch that the metal--but you can always have a jeweler polish it back to it’s original luster.

If you’re wondering what Damascus Steel is, here’s a little bit of info about it. It is actually a mixture of about 120 layers of two different types of stainless steel. When these metals are combined, it forms a beautiful and durable band. If you’re looking for a ring that won’t have any other ring identical to it, then this is the right choice.

This ring is custom made for you. If you need a different size, that’s no problem! You can send it back and a new ring will be made in the new size for only a small remake fee. Since it’s made with alternative metals, it can't be resized like gold, silver or platinum. To avoid remakes, have 2 out of 3 jewelers agree on a size. Sometimes measuring tools vary and your finger does too at different times of day. The manufacturer is so positive that this ring will last they even include a lifetime warranty. Also, Damascus Steel has an uneven texture so it cannot be engraved.

Buy this ring if you:

  • Love trees, the outdoors, and nature as a whole

  • Want a ring with real Wenge wood inlaid in it

  • Want a unique and natural looking wedding band made of Damascus Steel

  • Want a product with a reliable warranty

Now the next step is to:

  1. Pick the ring size (have 2 out of 3 jewelers verify the size to help reduce the chances of size exchange).

  2. Select the type of wood (optional)

  3. Personalize it with a free engraving (if you prefer script or block font let us know with a note at checkout).

  4. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only)

If you have any unanswered questions, email us and we’ll get back to you with the answers. You can also check out our FAQs.

If this Damascus Steel 9mm domed band with rounded edges and 4mm Wenge Wood is what you’re looking for, then go ahead and place your order! This ring ships in 2-3 weeks and it’s made just for you!