Evergreen Tree Scene Ring


Here’s a ring that anyone who loves nature and the outdoors would want to wear. And it is made special for you and ready to ship in about 1-2 weeks! The tree line design pops out nicely on the metal and you'll find yourself drifting off to thoughts of gratitude for nature. Don’t you just love going to the woods and marvelling at the beauty of nature? This 8mm domed Cobalt Chrome ring features a beautiful tree lined scenic view that perfectly captures the bliss of the great outdoors. You can have it in ether polished or satin finish. It’s perfect for any outdoorsman.

The metal used for this ring is Cobalt Chrome. This highly scratch resistant metal holds properties similar to tungsten carbide. However, it is a brighter kind of metal and looks a lot like white gold so the design will contrast nicely to the light metal. Bends, chips, and cracks are not a problem with a ring made of Cobalt Chrome because it is 4x harder than platinum.

Since this is a custom-made ring, size exchanges will require a new ring to be made because alternative metals can't be resized like gold, silver or platinum. The 30% remake fee partially covers the cost to remake it. Just to save you from unnecessary expenses, if you’re not totally sure of the size, it’s best to ensure 2 out of 3 jewelers agree on the size. If you want a black ring engraved, you can always make sure it fits first and pay a small $30 engraving fee later. The ring’s structure comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy this ring if you:

  • Are a nature lover

  • Like a ring inspired by tree lined scenic views

  • Want a durable and scratch-resistant ring made of Cobalt Chrome

  • Value quality and durability

  • Want a product with a reliable warranty

Now that you’ve finally found the perfect ring, the next step is:

  1. Know your ring size (make sure it’s the right size to avoid remake fees).

  2. Personalize it with a free engraving (if you prefer script or block font let us know with a note at checkout).

  3. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only)

If you’re still hung up on some unanswered questions, email us! We’d be happy to answer all your queries. You can also check out our FAQs.

If you like this nature inspired tree scene ring, order it now to give us time to produce and deliver it right at your door! This ring ships in 1-2 weeks because it’s made just for you!


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