Deer and Mountain Scene Ring

MSRP: $450.00
(You save $53.00 )

Looking for a unique and special ring fit for an outdoorsman (that you can get pretty fast too?) This is perfect for those special folks that light up at the very thought of going to the woods and hunting elk. This ring that symbolizes just that -- a deep passion and love for the outdoors and hunting, of course! This 9 mm flat band with a laser carved elk pattern and a mountain scene background is the perfect ring. You'll be able to take it with you during your hunts because it is made with super durable, lightweight, and scratch-resistant, Titanium. A lot of jewelers use Titanium for wedding rings nowadays because of its remarkable properties.

Place your order now for this cool looking elk and mountain scene ring. It's one of our most popular styles and it ships in 1-2 weeks. A great option for a hunter without the longer 3-4 week wait time of other styles that take longer to produce!


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