Celtic Tree of Life Ring


If you're looking for a ring that best represents harmony and balance in your marriage or your life, you'll want this 8 mm flat band with laser carved Celtic Tree of Life pattern. Not only does the pattern look awesome, its meaning and symbolism will strike a chord to those who believe in its power. It's forged with super durable Cobalt Chrome, so it's sure to last a lifetime!

This Platinum-like Cobalt Chrome ring is brilliantly polished and more durable and scratch-resistant than other precious metals like gold and silver. You won’t have to worry about bends, chips, and cracks. Cobalt Chrome is 4x harder than platinum. It’s a highly scratch resistant metal holds properties similar to tungsten carbide. It’s a brighter metal that looks a lot like white gold.

Cobalt Chrome is very hard, unlike other traditional precious metals, so if you need a new size, we can get you a new one with a small remake fee. The ring’s structure comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Place your order now for this cool Celtic Tree of Life ring. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production because this ring is custom-made for you!