Red Line Silicone Ring

MSRP: $40.00
(You save $3.00 )

Show your support and celebrate your heroes in the line of fire with a Red Line medical grade silicone rings---or wear it as an alternative to metal wedding bands while on duty as a firefighter.

This Thin Red Line Silicone ring is a unisex style that is Made in the USA and 7 domed for a comfortable fit. 

atte Black Men's Silicone Ring ring With Red Colored Inlay - 8mm

Bright blaze in the dark of night. This silicone band has a brilliant red inlay emblazoned across the center which serves as a pop of color against the all-black matte finish. It’s slightly dome-shaped with clean edges. Silicone is soft, durable, and serves as an excellent or affordable alternative to precious metals.

  • Silicone is non-conductive, heat-resistant, and safe to wear, especially for trade professionals.
  • The smooth matte finish won’t collect grime, dirt, or debris.
  • The brilliant red inlay adds a pop of color.
  • Silicone rings are made of a bio-compatible rubber meant for skin contact, so they’re hypoallergenic.
  • The silicone is thin, light, and comfortable.
  • They’re affordable, so losing, breaking, or replacing them is much less painful!

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