Black Camo Ring with Crosses


There’s no ring that says it all than a polished black Zirconium camo ring with 3 crosses. It will be your favorite wedding band, no question.

Camokix Ladies: On your very special day, the best way to show your man how loving and supportive you are of him is by giving him a tailor-made ring that thoughtfully says what kind of man he is - a rugged and passionate outdoorsman. It will show how much you know and love him for being the man that he is. The camo pattern appeals to his love for the outdoors and the crosses appeal to the “good guy” he really is. It’s a perfect blend - just like your man! You can even select a 7mm band to match his.

Camokix Men: Wear camo every day and make your friends envy this masculine camo cross ring. This ring is made to endure the outdoors so you can wear it anytime, anywhere with pride. If you are going to be wearing a wedding band, why not go all out and pick a ring that truly represents what’s in your blood?

This 9 mm wide beveled metal band boasts of being super scratch resistant and super lustrous. It has a 5 mm wide camo inlay which is customizable. You can choose one of the 6 King’s Camo patterns, namely Woodland Shadow, Mountain Shadow, Desert Shadow, Snow Shadow, Pink Shadow, and Field Shadow. One of the best things about it is that you can easily send it to any jeweler to be polished so it would always maintain it’s original shiny look.

Of all the metals out there, why choose Black Zirconium? Zirconium is actually similar to Titanium. It is a heavy-duty metal but it is lighter than most metals which makes it very comfortable to wear. It will feel as if there’s nothing on your finger. But what’s different about Zirconium is that when it is heated, oxidation causes the surface to create a durable and permanent black coating, giving it a shiny black finish. This black lustrous finish is what will make it super resistant to scratches. It is also very hard so that only a diamond blade can cut through the rugged surface.  It’s great for two-toned designs like this. If you’re looking for a unique and durable two-toned black and camo ring that is guaranteed to withstand the roughest and toughest environment, then this ring is for you!

Buy this ring if:

  • You think camo and crosses look cool

  • You love the outdoors

  • You want a tough yet shiny black ring made of Black Zirconium

  • You want a two-toned black camo ring that represents tradition

  • You want your choice of camo patterns with a protective coating that can be polished by any jeweler to last

If you want this ring on you or your significant other’s finger, you’ve made the right choice! It’s the hottest style today because of it’s blend of culture, religion and tradition. And it’s backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty on the camo and a lifetime warranty on the structure of the ring.


Now, all you have to do is:

  1. Pick your size (make sure it’s the right size to avoid remake fees)

  2. Select your camo pattern (remember that no two rings will have identical inlays and we can’t control the camo section you will get)

  3. Make it special with an engraving (if you prefer script or block font let us know with a note at checkout. Due to the nature of this metal, engravings on black zirconium can’t be exchanged for another size so you can always pay a small engraving fee later and make sure it fits.)

  4. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only)


If you’re still hung up on some unanswered questions, email us! We’d be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also check out our FAQs.

Don’t take too long to decide so you’ll have enough time to get it produced and delivered for your special occasion. This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it’s made just for you! Scroll up and place your order now!


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