Helical Spinner Ring


For country boys who love tinkering with their machines or sweet rides and want a thick, rugged, and manly ring, this is perfect! Imagine 10 mm of pure awesomeness on your finger -- everyone will envy you! This helical spinner ring is also very unique because it has 2 types of finishes. The inner helical pattern has a sand finish and the outer edges have a polished finish. This contributes to it's super cool and rugged look. It’s also very light, scratch-resistant and ultra durable because it is made of Titanium.

Many jewelers have been using Titanium because of its remarkable properties and modern gray color. 

Dare to be different with this super wide helical spinner ring! Order it now so we can make and deliver it right in time for your special occasion! This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it’s made just for you!




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