Fish Hook Titanium Ring

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Camokix Ladies: The way to a man’s heart is through fishing, or so they say! And the best way to show him you adore and support him going fishing is by getting him this unique Titanium ring that sports a fish hook pattern. He’ll love you for it!

Camokix Men: If fishing is your game, then you’ve found the perfect ring! You won’t want to take it off and you can even wear it on your fishing trips. It’s so light you won’t even notice it’s there. With this ring on your finger, you’ll be reeling in the biggest catch - your sweetheart’s love! She’ll appreciate you wanting to wear your wedding band and with fish hooks all around, you’ll want to wear it everyday, no doubt!

This fishhook Titanium wedding ring features a flat profile with a pattern of repeating fish hooks. The fish hook design is raised on the metal and the edges have a lovely satin finish (not polished) and the background area of the ring has a sandblasted finish. The picture above shows it in a 8mm width, but you can have it as thick as 9mm, or a little thinner like 7mm.

Not only does it look good and stylish, it is super lightweight. Many jewelers use Titanium for wedding rings because of its remarkable properties. It is super lightweight, scratch resistant, very durable and hypoallergenic. It doesn’t wear easily and it is non-corrosive, so it’s perfect to wear even on your fishing trips. This ring is sure to last a lifetime!

Titanium is an alternative metal which can't be resized like gold, silver or platinum, so it will have to be remade. Rings with engravings can be returned and exchanged if the size is wrong, but it will incur a remake fee.  The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the ring’s structure.


Buy this ring if you:

  • Love everything about fishing

  • Want a super lightweight ring made of Titanium that shows who you really are

  • Want your ring to have a satin finish and sand-blasted finish look all in one style


Now that you’ve finally found the perfect ring, the next step is to:

  1. Pick the ring size (have 2 out of 3 jewelers verify the size to help reduce the chances of a remake fee for a new size since it is custom made).

  2. Personalize it with a free engraving (if you prefer script or block font let us know with a note at checkout).

  3. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only)


If you’re still hung up on some unanswered questions, email us! We’d be happy to answer all your queries. You can also check out our FAQs.

Order this cool fish hook Titanium ring now to give us time to produce and deliver it in time for your special day! This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it’s made just for you!



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