Dark Antler Ring Black Ceramic


This dark brown colored antler ring will have you getting back to nature and dreaming about the thrill of the hunt. Even with the dark color, you can still see  the beautiful, subtle variations in shade and tints of browns. It is the darkest of all of the antler rings we carry. 

This ring features a 4 mm real antler inlay, set in an 8 mm wide black ceramic band. You'll enjoy a super durable, scratch resistance metal for this antler black ring. 

These antler rings are made right here in the United states, which means there no limit to the size you can get and you can get a free engraving to customize it into a complete showpiece. That's because the ring is made to your specifications in the USA.


TINE Black Ceramic Polished Beveled Men's Wedding Band with Dark Brown Antler Inlay - 6mm 8mm

Composed from a dark brown antler inlay, this beautifully polished, beveled ring, introduces a subtle design element to this wedding band. It is made from strong ceramic, which is a very durable, fade resistant material. Skillfully inlaid in the center of the ring is a graceful polished piece of dark deer antler, highlighting its rich tones of maroon, black, and grey.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for this antler ring to be made to your specifications. 




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