Should You Hire a Wedding Planner for Your Camo Wedding?

Posted by Camokix on Nov 27th 2013


You Don't Want to Miss Anything...

Couples who are getting ready for their big day don’t want to have to feel the stress of any mistakes they might make before the big day, which can often happen during the planning stages of the wedding and reception.

This is especially true of themed weddings, like the camo wedding you are about to have. For this and other reasons, many couples choose to hire a wedding planner who specializes in themed weddings.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

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Essentially, a wedding planner controls every aspect of planning the big day and, with the exception of making the decisions - that's the couple's job - the planner is responsible for making sure that none of the little things are missed. The planner also ensures that the big events happen on time and without a problem. For example:

  • Making sure that the dress and tuxedo ordered are fitted properly and arrive on time
  • Making sure that the flowers were ordered on time for the big day
  • Ensuring that the invitations went out with enough time for the guest to RSVP

However, it is also the wedding planner’s responsibility to ensure that any unforeseen issues are handled as well, and if something does happen – the bride ordered Chicken Teriyaki for dinner, but the caterer brings Chicken Marsala instead – the wedding planner is responsible for putting it right.

Choose an Experienced Specialist Wedding Planner


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The trick is to hire a wedding planner who specializes in camo weddings in your case, or in the type of wedding you decide to have - and it is important that the planner prove his or her experience in handling camo weddings.

Why should the candidate prove his or her theme experience?

Quite simply, because just as a hiring manager of Microsoft would not hire a cosmetologist to run their IT department without proving that cosmetologist has IT skills as well, you would not want to hire a wedding planner experienced running Princess weddings for your military camo inspired themed wedding.

At least not without first knowing that the planner has experience planning military weddings.

Interview the candidate: Hiring a wedding planner who specializes in theme wedding is just like hiring someone for a job where you would look at previous experience, word of mouth recommendations, the candidate’s skill level, and more so you can ensure that the planner does indeed have experience in planning the wedding theme you chose.

View previous work portfolio: Determine the planner’s experience by viewing previous work examples. In the case of planning a wedding, the person you are considering should have a portfolio of previous couples’ weddings in the same theme you have chosen.

If the planner is genuinely experienced with the camo theme, then the candidate will not have an issue showing you their previous work. If the specialist has not worked on a camo wedding previously, or did but a different camo style, or you don't like the work you can move on to someone else and repeat the process - you aren't obligated to hire someone just because you interview that someone, and you shouldn't until you are happy.

While this might seem like a lot of work just to hire a wedding planner, you want to ensure that your big day is memorable for the right reasons - not because something went wrong.

Have you thought about hiring a wedding planner for your camo wedding?