Researching Your Wedding Photographer

Posted by Camokix on Dec 28th 2013


Planning Your Wedding Details

Black and White Wedding photo by Demi Sakelliou

Planning for your wedding can be the most scariest time in your life. Not only do you have to choose who will provide all of the services you need from the florist to the baker and ring maker, but you also have to decide on venue, colors, settings, and much more.

This can make it difficult to predetermine where you want to have your photos taken, and by whom.

Since you will probably have to choose a venue and have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, you will want to be sure that the photographer you choose can handle the stress and any last minute changes.

Finding the Right Photographer Online

Taking the advice of friends or family as to which photography studio to choose may seem like a good idea, but with today’s technology, you can check out the photographer and his or her portfolio and references before hand and online.

A talented photographer should have an amazing website, on which the portfolio should be available along with references, contact information, and availability or pricing.

When looking at a photographer’s portfolio you should consider a few aspects of the actual photographs such as:

Image sizing: Are all the photographs a single size and color scheme, or are there multiple sizes such as an 8 by 10, a 5 by 7 and a 4 by 6 to look at?

This will help you determine whether you have specific package options available. This is because you will want to share wedding photos with friends, you will want to know whether you can mix and match sizes, or if you have to choose a single size.

Image Style: are the photographs all color photos, or did the photographer post black and white, sepia, and vintage photographs as well?


True Sepia wedding photo by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos

This is important because many couples prefer to get a mixture of black and white photos, while some couples want only color photos. Having package options available is crucial so you are not pressured into choosing a photo style you are uncomfortable with choosing.

Image Themes: Are all the photographs taken on the steps of the church, or are they in varied places, such as a park, a beach, or using a background of sorts?

The photo theme is important because some couples want their wedding on a beach, while other couples only want their wedding photos to appear as if they were taken on a beach.


Black and White with Color Wedding Photo by Su-chan

Showing off multiple themes and backgrounds offers some insight as to whether the photographer can handle different themes, and whether he or she can take custom requests as well.

Whether you are getting married in a month or a year from now, you will eventually have to decide on a photographer, which is why you should always do your research as soon as you can after you set your wedding date.

You don’t want to choose a photographer at the last minute only to find out that he or she cannot do what you request – that is certainly no way to celebrate and immortalize your special day, is it?

Stay tuned for our next post in which we will go over more tips on choosing the providers for your wedding, plus tips on how to choose a ring and a wedding dress.