​Pop the Question with a Camo Engagement Ring

​Pop the Question with a Camo Engagement Ring

Posted by Camokix on Jul 13th 2015

Found the “the one” you want to spend forever with? We’re pretty sure you’d want nothing but the best for her, right? When you’re ready to pop the question, make sure everything is perfectly planned. One thing to consider would be the ring. It can’t be just any ordinary ring, it has to be extra special -- one that represents just how much you know and love her for being the kind of gal she is. It also has to hold much value and meaning in her life. If her camo, boots, and country music make you want to spend the rest of your life with her, why not surprise her with a diamond or CZ engagement ring.  With a ring like this in hand, she's sure to say, "YES"!

Like any other engagement ring, camo engagement rings from Camokix possess a certain charm and uniqueness and it will symbolize the passion for the outdoors you both share together, her unique personality, her country traditions and values, and of course, her love for camo! Not all rings can offer so much for your princess!

Here’s our best picks for cubic zirconia and diamond engagement ring for her:

1. Snow Camo Engagement Ring

She’s going to love wearing this snow camo ring that shows off a beautiful princess cut diamond. A mixture of elegance and country style together in one ring. It is made of Cobalt Chrome and the inlay is King’s Snow Shadow camo!

2. Pink Camo Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Not only does this pink camo engagement ring look elegant and chic, it also has a touch of country in it that shows your love for the outdoors and camo. A ring with King’s Pink Shadow camo plus a sparkly princess cut diamond will be just right for your camo princess! This ring’s super durable because it is forged with Cobalt Chrome.

3. Round Cut Diamond Camo Ring

This Cobalt Chrome engagement ring blends together these aspects in your life -- the love of your partner, your chic country style, and your fondness of the outdoors -- without forgetting the elegance and class of a traditional engagement ring. It sports a round cut diamond and is accented with a 3 mm inlay of officially licensed King’s Shadow camo of your choice: Pink, Snow, Woodland, Mountain, Desert, or Field. This ring is also made of Cobalt Chrome.

4. CZ Mossy Oak Camo Engagement Ring

This engagement ring still has the elegance, uniqueness, and country flavor, but it’s not too hard on your pockets. The chic details of the Mossy Oak Pink Break Up camo pattern is inlaid into a brilliant 6 mm wide Vitalium band, a super durable and scratch resistant metal. The .75 carat Cubic Zirconia stone sits in a 14 carat white gold setting. This ring takes 4-5 weeks to ship.

5. Camo Diamond Ring Tension Set

Here’s a more unconventional option for an engagement ring. It’s not your usual princess cut or round cut on top of the ring. This beautifully and uniquely crafted Titanium diamond camo ring has a .25 carat round diamond in tension set. You also have the option to choose any of the King’s camouflage pattern to be inlaid: Woodland Shadow, Mountain Shadow, Desert Shadow, Snow Shadow, Pink Shadow, or Field Shadow.

For each of these diamond engagement rings, you have the option to choose a diamond between .20 to .50 carats. The color ranges from G to H and clarity is between SI 1-2. Below are the size estimates of the diamonds:

Size Estimates of the Princess Cut Diamonds

.50 carat = 4.5 mm wide

.375 carat = 4 mm

.33 carat = 3.75 mm wide

.25 carat = 3.5 mm wide

.20 carat = 3.25 mm wide

Size Estimates of the Round Cut Diamonds

.50 carat = 5 mm wide

.375 carat = 4.6 mm

.33 carat = 4.4 mm wide

.25 carat = 4 mm wide

.20 carat = 3.75 mm wide

The measurements may vary depending on the density of the stone. These are only approximations and are meant to help you gauge how the diamond might look compared to the band size. A diamond carat is based on weight and not size.

If you opt for a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, the stone is .75 carat, that is roughly 4.75 mm wide. This is a cheaper alternative but it will look equally stunning, no doubt.

All these beautiful engagement rings are custom-made and take 2-3 weeks to ship, except for the CZ Mossy Oak Camo Engagement Ring which takes around 4-5 weeks to ship. It’s worth the wait! Rest assured, you’ll have her saying “Yes!” with these!