Pink Diamond Camo Rings

Posted by Camokix on Dec 31st 2013

Pop the question with this these truly unique diamond or CZ pink camo engagement rings. Platinum-like cobalt chrome and vitalium are brilliantly polished but way more durable than platinum or white gold (which scuff really easily while these stay shinny longer because of the nature of alternative metals).

Most diamond or CZ camo engagement rings can come in many types of camo patterns but pink camo is one of our southern girls' favorites. Women love them because they are all comfort fit bands and come in 5 mm or 6 mm widths, offering a nice size camo inlay at either 3mm or 4mm wide, while still being thin and dainty for a feminine look.

Buy a pink diamond camo ring if:

  • If your best girl is the ONE
  • If she loves pink camo and wants a princess cut diamond
  • She sports pink camo like no one else can
  • You want an affordable option for the perfect engagement ring

You can select your diamond between .20 to .50 carats. Color ranges from G to H and clarity is between SI 1-2. All rings are custom made to order and take 2-3 weeks. The white metal color is made of super strong Cobalt Chrome which is far stronger than white gold or platinum and more affordable.

Size Estimates of the Princess Cut Diamonds

.50 carat = 4.5 mm wide (pictured, recommended)
.375 carat = 4 mm (recommended)
.33 carat = 3.75 mm wide
.25 carat = 3.5 mm wide
.20 carat = 3.25 mm wide

Size Estimates of the Round Cut Diamonds

.50 carat = 5 mm wide (pictured, recommended)
.375 carat = 4.6 mm (recommended)
.33 carat = 4.4 mm wide
.25 carat = 4 mm wide
.20 carat = 3.75 mm wide

Measurements are only approximations/averages. A diamond carat is weight and not size and may differ depending on density of the stone.

To see more options, be sure to shop for diamond and CZ pink camo rings here.