Outdoor Wedding Trends

Posted by Camokix on Jan 21st 2014


In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the pros and cons of outdoor vs indoor weddings. This week, we're going to expand on this subject by covering some popular outdoor wedding trends. With the warm spring season right around the corner, you can bet there's going to be plenty of outdoor weddings. Most couples prefer the spring-to-early-summer months for their outdoor wedding, as this offers a comfortable climate and beautiful scenery. But how can you create a unique outdoor wedding experience that guests will remember?

Country Themed Wedding

One popular trend for outdoor weddings is a country theme. The term "country" is somewhat broad and open to interpretation, but the general idea behind a country wedding is that it's far away from the city and surrounding by a beautiful, natural landscape.

In this day and age, couples have grown tired of the enormous city weddings where guests are forced into small quarters for an uneventful ceremony. A country themed wedding is the perfect alternative to traditional weddings, as it's set up in an open, natural landscape where everyone has plenty of room to move around and enjoy themselves.

Note: feel free to tweak the country theme to meet your own personal taste. There's no rule stating that you must throw your wedding a certain way, so custom tailor it according to you and your spouse's liking.

Hunting Themed Wedding


Camo dress: photo by Lorena Cupcake.

Of course, we really can't talk about popular outdoor wedding trends without mentioning the hunting theme. If you and your spouse are the type of people who love hunting and the outdoors, there's no better way to show this passion than by having a hunting themed wedding. It's an otherwise simple theme that's guaranteed to turn your wedding into an event that guests remember for years to come.

Need a little help on throwing a hunting themed wedding? See the tips listed below:

  • Choose camo rings, of course!
  • Wear a camo dress
  • Decorate the venue with hunting-theme accessories
  • Use camo plates and cups
  • Dress the groomsmen in orange reflective hunting vests

These are just a few "hot" outdoor wedding trends. Whether you decide to go with a country, hunting or any other theme, the key thing to remember is to personalize it according to your own preferences. After all, it's YOUR wedding!

What do you think about these outdoor wedding trends? Let us know in the comments section below!