Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venues

Posted by Camokix on Jan 15th 2014


One of the many decisions you'll have to make when planning a wedding is whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue. Some married couples will argue that outdoor venues are the best simply because they provide a natural setting for pictures, while other couples argue that indoor venues are the best due to the their convenient seating. The truth is that there's no "best" choice; there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both types of venues.

Benefits of Outdoor Wedding Venues

Opting for an outdoor wedding venue offers a more appealing background for taking photos. A professional photographer will use the natural outdoor scenery to his or her advantage by taking a variety of photos in all different locations. Indoor venues, on the other hand, are somewhat limited in terms of photos. Sure, you can get some amazing photos, but photographers are limited to the artificial background of an indoor venue.

Outdoor wedding venues also provide a natural source of light (assuming your wedding is during the day). With the sun beaming down on the ceremony, you don't have to worry about trying to adjust the light or worry about them going out. The sun will keep continue to shine down, offering a brilliant and majestic source of natural light.

Benefits of Indoor Wedding Venues


Indoor wedding venue: photo by Katsunojiri.

There's just no way to predict what mother nature has in store for your wedding day. The sky might look clear and cloud-free when you wake up, but this could change without prior notice when it comes time to walk down the aisle. Thankfully, choosing an indoor venue protects your wedding from weather fluctuations. Regardless of how mother nature decided to act, you'll still be able to fully enjoy your wedding under the protection of an indoor venue.

Of course, indoor venues also offer better setups in terms of seating and stereo equipment. It's not uncommon for indoor venues to offer this free of charge, which is one less expense you'll have to pay when planning your wedding.

Which One Should I Choose?

Talk with your spouse to discuss the pros and cons associated with both indoor and outdoor venues. If you can't seem to decide between the two, perhaps you could do both -- choose an indoor venue for the actual ceremony and then go outside for the reception.