Choosing Modern Service Providers for Your Modern Camo Wedding

Posted by Camokix on Nov 30th 2013


Should you take your friends and families advice, or find your own?

You’re here, so you’ve likely chosen to have a camo themed wedding, right? If that’s the case, then you have likely already picked out a specific venue or other special place at which you want to hold the ceremony, and a venue at which you want to have the photos taken, yes?

Venue Planning Questions

These and other aspects of the wedding are probably the biggest issues in terms of planning – especially when family gets involved. Those who have “been there” often try to take over the planning, which can ruin the experience for the couple being married.


Camo Wedding Wear and Photo Venue by Tiny Tall

If you have chosen a place for your wedding ceremony and a venue for your wedding photographs, you still want to make sure you did the right thing in choosing them, right?

You don’t want o get ready for your special day to find out that the choice you made was for an ulterior motive and wasn’t the right choice – whatever the reason.

In any case, you will make some of the choices for your wedding, such as viewing portfolios, menu possibilities, wedding dress photos, and even hiring your vendors online at some point.

Find Service Providers

If this is the case, you should know that while this can be a scary proposition when it comes to hiring a wedding photography professional, a caterer, the band, and the venue for the reception and ceremony online, it is worth it to do so with the time and energy you will save.

Get Recommendations: To start, you will want to talk to friends and family about their recommendations, especially of those friends and family who have been married in the area in which you live since they will likely know many of the available service providers and venues.

Look at websites and portfolio photos: A talented service provider will often advertise online, and the good ones have amazing websites in which to show off their talents, whatever they may be.

A few aspects to look for when you’re reviewing an online portfolio for any service provider are the size of the images and the testimonials from other customers.

  • Does the food look as good as advertised if you’re looking at the caterer’s website?
  • Do the testimonials seem realistic, or could they have been faked (yes, some unscrupulous services providers do this in the hopes of gaining more business or hiding previous bad service)?

If the images are too small for you to make out every detail, you may want to keep looking, as it could be that the provider is trying to hide something from the photo.

Also, if you think the testimonials are too good to be true, they probably are. In either case, you’ll want to look elsewhere because good, reputable providers are proud of their work, and aren’t afraid to show it – they aren’t afraid of a little negativity either.

Keep in mind though that while taking the advice of friends or family as to which service providers you should is a great idea, you do not necessarily have to go with their suggestions.

With today’s technology, you can take the suggestions and check them out yourself online – and from the comfort of your bed if you have a laptop or smartphone.

Do you have suggestions for how to choose the services providers for a themed camo wedding?