3 Hot Camo Fashion Trends

Posted by Camokix on Oct 25th 2013

Did you know that camouflage is this year’s hottest trend, according to a number of media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance?

Have you noticed? Of course, you have!

We all know that camo fashion is hot – that’s why you’re reading this today. Since camo fashion isn’t only for hunters anymore, we're here today to look at some of those awesome camo styles that have made the news in the last few months, not to mention trending nationwide.

Even if you’re not ready to deck out all in camo from head to toe, there’s certainly a style or two to suit your needs.

Aline_Campos_Camo-skirt-300x399Formal Wear: From wedding dresses, veils, shoes, and even undergarments to tuxes, cummerbunds, and ties, formal wear made with camo prints is all the rage these days, as evidenced by the numerous recent weddings based on the camo theme. A couple of examples:

  • The Mama June and Sugar Bear camo wedding
  • Two Local Camo Wedding Stories

From full on head to toe formal wedding wear to barely there understated looks, camo is in.

Sweatshirts and Sweaters: With the wintertime and colder months here already, now is a great time to go shopping for camo sweat outfits for around the house fun or for outdoor activities. Mossy Oak has some awesome clothing you’re just going to love - the great thing about Mossy Oak sweatshirts and other camo clothing?

Jewelry: The sweat clothes go great with the Mossy Oak wedding bands and engagement rings, which are also camo styled. If you and your spouse to be love camo so much that you’ve decided on a camo wedding, then you simply must opt for a camo engagement ring and wedding band set, no matter what brand you choose.

Accessories: Camouflage accessories have become the biggest camo statement people are making, men and women alike. From hair barrettes to the soles of your shoes, camo is popping up everywhere.

Keep In Mind Ladies…

Just as you ease into a new routine, you have to ease into style. If you’re not sure if you’ll like or ever get used to decking all out in camo, then you’ll need to start small.

Wear a camo trim bra, or socks with camo trim to get a taste of the trend without altering your personal style too much. Once you get used to wearing it, you can gradually add more solid camo pieces to your wardrobe. Then you can get into balancing the styles, and you’ll have to if you don’t want to “overdo” it, as some believe you can do.

Camo is a masculine trend, and if you feel this way, then you’ll wear it better if you balance camo with something soft and feminine feeling. For example, if you wear a camo jacket, wear a soft looking sweater under it. If you’re wearing a camo skirt, wear a lacy blouse to go with it.

You’ll get so many compliments when you’re wearing even the tiniest bit off camo that it could be enough to hook you to the trend, so be careful and consider yourself warned!

What’s your favorite camo piece? Let us know in the comments!