Black Zirconium Antler and Deer Tracks Ring


Black rings have become very popular nowadays, especially when you add a touch of hunting pride in it. This 8 mm Black Zirconium flat profile ring with 1 antler and deer tracks circling the band is perfect for rugged outdoorsmen who want nothing more than to hunt deer. It features carved deer tracks around the entire ring, and at the center, you'll find 1 carved antler design. The design is carved on the metal so it turns out silver because it exposes the inner silver colored layer of the Black Zirconium ring. 

Zirconium is a tough metal that can only be cut using diamond tooling. Once this metal undergoes the process of oxidation, it gives a shiny black polished finish, otherwise known as Black Zirconium, that also serves as a strong protective layer. The black color is guaranteed to last forever.

Since this ring is custom-made, size remakes and returns will have a small fee.  Engraved Black Zirconium rings cannot be returned or exchanged but you can keep the ring and order a new one at half the price. In any case, be sure the size is rght.

If you think this ring matches the kind of guy you are, then go ahead and order it so we can have it made and delivered to you. This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it is custom-made just for you!


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