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We are truly grateful to you for considering Camokix as a place to share your wedding, engagement, DIY project, or photography work. It is so awesome when couples add camo or cowboy boots to their wedding day. Creating memories that are true to them, what they have in common, and what they love about each other is simply beautiful.

Help us share, praise, and inspire so that more people are encouraged to wear what they love!

Submit a wedding that features real rustic, country, and camo flair, only if the photographer's and/or couple's permission can be verified. To be considered for a Camokix Feature, it must appeal to our beloved audience and ideally include camouflage--anywhere from small accents to the full “The Hunt is Over” kit and caboodle. No camo? No problem. We accept rustic and country submissions as well--even your DIY wedding projects!

We are always looking for:

  • Creative camo, rustic, country, outdoor, burlap, mason jar, cowboy boots/hats, and barn themes
  • Weddings, engagements, or DIY projects for the big day 
  • Even fun rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, or doe and buck engagement parties

What to submit:

  • The details including the couple’s names and contact information, wedding date, wedding location, and any vendor information, as well as the photographer's name and contact information
  • Gorgeous photos (15 - 30) highlighting meaningful details and sincerity, preferably as jpg attachments under 1M or you can send us a link to Dropbox 
  • Photo use permission (if you did not take the pictures, you need to confirm permission first and send an email to marion{@} OR you can always send the photographer a link to this page and ask them to submit). It’s also important to give credit to the vendors and raw materials that went into the end result. And of course, we need permission from the photographer. If you are a bride or vendor submitting, please “cc” the photographer on the submission email so we can contact and ask for their consent.
  • The details of your love story and the inspiration behind it (how and why you chose to do your wedding or DIY project this way) is the most important thing we want to hear from you! 

What not to submit:

  • Anything malicious or inappropriate 
  • Other people’s work or photos that don't belong to you
  • Photos that do not feature anything related to a camo, country, or rustic theme

 How long will it take:

  • Please be patient with us and we promise to email you before your submission is published--remember it make take several months.
  • We may not be able to publish all submissions, but it doesn't mean your special day is any less precious. Even if it is not featured, please know that we deeply appreciate and enjoy reading about and seeing your lovely wedding.


  • Thank you so much for giving Camokix the opportunity to showcase your unique and heartfelt memories!