Antler Wedding Band

MSRP: $299.00
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This antler wedding band was made for a man who loves to be outdoors hunting, fishing, or hiking...any adventure really. The exquisite genuine antler and fine craftsmanship make it a showpiece that celebrates a passion that your friends and family will admire for years to come.

About the Antler Wedding Band Material

Titanium is a a natural element which has a silver grey color. It is a hard natural metal. In fact, it is 3x stronger than steel, and far more stronger than precious metals that easily scratch and bend. That means the hammered titanium used in making this antler ring provides strength and durability...and adds charm and ruggedness to the design of the antler ring. 

Pure titanium is also hypoallergenic which means that it is safe for anybody to wear as it will not react to your skin. Its the same metal used for aerospace design because it is super lightweight. So when you wear it, you won't even know it is on. We're serious, it is so lightweight it might surprise you but for men who don't like the thought of wearing a wedding band everyday, that makes titanium the most popular choice. It is also comfort fit for long lasting wear.

And you'll be pleased to know that no animals were harmed because only naturally shed antlers are used to make these rings. The antler provides a rustic feel and a daily reminder of nature. No two pieces of antler are alike so this unique men's wedding band is a one of a kind! 

And when you buy from CAMOKIX you can add a personal engraving (a $25 value) for free! Please allow 2-4 weeks to produce and ship your hammered titanium antler ring.

Material: Pure Titanium and Naturally Shed Antler

Color: Grey metal and antler colors vary from light to dark because it is a natural material it will vary from the photos
Finish: Hammered Flat Edge  
Width: Men's Standard 8mm 


hammered titanium antler ring