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Ring Metal Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart is meant to roughly help you make a selection between materials. Many of our camo rings, for example, have the same camouflage pattern come in various metals. If you're having trouble deciding which type of ring to select we hope this helps your research process.




Very HighHigh
HighVery HighLowLow 
Very HighHighVery HighMediumLowLow 
HypoallergenicVery HighHighVery HighHighLowLow
Tarnish?NoNoNoNo YesYes
in Emergency?








Overview and Details About Alternative Jewelry Metals

Our rings are not made of traditional materials like platinum, gold or silver because they aren't rugged enough for the folks that shop at Camokix. These metals were made for abuse so you can hunt, go into combat or be a weekend warrior with your wedding ring. The Mohs scale pictured above is more or less a “scratch test” but the point is -- durable rings are best suited for camo and wood inlays.

Titanium is a popular metal for wedding rings because it's durable, light weight, hypo-allergenic, scratch resistant, and long-wearing. Titanium is a very hard metal around 6.5 on the Mohs scale and is typically used in aerospace and sporting goods. We call titanium a space age metal because it resists corrosion from sea or bleach and so strong and lightweight it's used in jet engines and spacecraft.

Tungsten is the heaviest metal for wedding rings. Tungsten is hard, very hard. It ranges from 8 to 9 on the Mohs scale. Commonly used to build weapons and tool parts, it is the heaviest and strongest of any metal jewelry. Tungsten camo rings are popular because they are durable, light weight, hypo-allergenic, extremely scratch resistant, and long-wearing. It's darker in color (grey to gun metal) and 5 times harder than tool steel and two times the weight. Because tungsten rings are so heavy, they often feel more expensive than lighter metals.

Cobalt Chromium is highly scratch resistant, similar to tungsten carbide, but has the look of white gold so it's platinum look differentiates it from tungsten and titanium. Cobalt chrome rings will not chip or crack, and are extremely scratch resistant.

Vitalium is the newest metal specifically designed for the jewelry industry to achieve the most brilliant, bright white colored alternative metal band with the must ultimate strength. It's 2 times harder and more scratch resistant than Cobalt Chromium, and 3 times harder than Titanium. Unlike Tungsten Carbide, it is the about 1/3 lighter in weight and the color screams luxury, it's perfect to wear.

Zirconium is the best option on the market if you are looking for a black ring and want to get creative with metal or two-tone designs. Zirconium is a natural element which begins with a silver color and extreme heat causes oxidation and turns the ring black. That oxidization layer is super hard but diamond tooling allows for the creation of two-toned designs.

Black Diamond Ceramic is a state of the art material and it's not metal. Apart from jewelry, ceramic is used to make space ships and jet engine turbines. Ceramic will forever retain its color and shine and is as scratch-resistant and light weight. Since it isn't a metal, it's a great alternative if you have allergies or you're looking for an active duty U.S. military-approved material that doesn't conduct electricity or reflect light.

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