Thin Black Silicone Ring

MSRP: $25.00
(You save $4.00 )

For active lifestyles and demanding jobs, this 6mm TruBand™ Silicone ring combines comfort, appearance and safety. Wear it in the field, on the field, or on the job – whenever a metal ring would be uncomfortable or unsafe.


Our most popular TruBand™ ring in a thinner, 6mm width. Whether on the job, playing sports or working around the home, TruBand rings offer the perfect combination of safety, comfort and style. This classic black domed ring can be worn in any situation. Not all silicone rings are the same – choose TruBand for the highest quality material and design.

Protect your wedding ring and also stay safe. Flexible and comfortable for an active lifestyle, TruBand rings are perfect for times when wearing a metal band might not be appropriate.


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