Rustic Wood Table Numbers for Wedding Reception


You may be having an engagement party, a buck and doe event, or celebrating an anniversary which requires rustic wood table numbers to show your guest where to sit -- but more than likely, if you're a typical Camokix customer, then you need these table numbers for your rustic wedding reception! 

You can order just number 1-10 or if you're having a much larger wedding crowd, you could order 1-20 to have enough numbers for all of your reception tables. You'll receive all of the wooden numbers and bases. Assembly is super easy. You just insert the number into the slot in the base which provides extra stability.

You can leave the numbers raw wood for a rustic look. Or paint them white or light pink for a shabby chic look. And we've even seen them painted metallic for a romantic look. Whatever you desire for you wedding receptiond decor, these wedding table numbers will do the job.

Numbers are 4" by 4" and will sit close to the table top.  Package size for 10 pieces is roughly 5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in