Camo Wedding Band His and Hers Set - Flat Vitalium


Are you willing to go all out on your choice of wedding rings? Do you want to stand out as a couple and show everyone your unique camo style? Do you want a ring that best shows your love for each other and your love for the great outdoors? Get this his and hers matching camo ring set forged with patent-pending Vitalium and inlaid with Mossy Oak or Realtree camo. The edges on these Vitalium bands may be ordered as flat or beveled. These are comfort fit, hypoallergenic, and scratch resistant.

Camokix Ladies: Your man will thank you for choosing this pair of rings. They are beautifully crafted and they represent your love for camo and the outdoors - something you and him have in common. He'll love wearing this super cool and super scratch-resistant ring, and so will you!

Camokix Men: If you're worried about having boring wedding bands that easily scratch, bend, and chip, these rings won't! They are built for rugged country boys such as yourself and are made to withstand even the harshest terrain. And don’t forget, they show what’s in your blood!

The best thing about it is that you can select from several other Mossy Oak or Realtree camo pattern options. The camo inlay is protected with a proprietary coating and is included in the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.

More and more jewelers are using Vitalium for wedding rings, especially for men. Vitalium is a heavier, platinum-like, white colored metal that is stronger than Cobalt Chrome and 6x harder than Platinum. It won’t oxidize and is far more scratch resistant than white gold or platinum. With this metal, your rings are going to last a lifetime.

Note that camo inlays will not be the same as seen on the picture because we can’t control the camo section you will get. But trust us, it will look awesome! Rings with engravings can be returned and exchanged if the size is wrong, but it will incur a remake fee. A new ring has to be made because Vitalium is an alternative metal which can't be resized like gold, silver or platinum. So there will be a 30% remake fee to cover the cost to remake it. To avoid unwanted expenses, have 2 out of 3 jewelers agree on a size to reduce your chances of ordering the wrong size since sometimes measuring tools vary and your finger does too at different times of day. For the manufacturer’s warranty, the camo comes with a 1 year warranty and the ring’s structure comes with a lifetime warranty.


Buy this ring if you:

  • Appreciate your country culture and tradition and love the outdoors

  • Want to stand out and get a unique set of rings that show your camo pride

  • Want a lightweight wedding band made of Vitalium

  • Value quality and are looking for something that will last forever

  • Want a product with a reliable warranty


Now that you’ve decided on the perfect pair of rings for your special day, the next step is to:

  1. Know your ring size (make sure it’s the right size to avoid remake fees).

  2. Select your Mossy Oak or Realtree camo pattern (keep in mind the rings will not have identical camo inlays because we can’t control the camo section you will get).

  3. Personalize it with a free engraving (if you prefer script or block font let us know with a note at checkout.)

  4. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only.)


If you’re still hung up on some unanswered questions, email us! We’d be happy to answer them. You can also check out our FAQs.

You need to give us enough time to get it produced and delivered so that it will be right in time for your special day! So go ahead and place your order now! This set ships in 4-5 weeks because it’s made just for you!